For 3000 years, empires have succeeded one another and at all times, Jew have been mocked, betrayed, killed and massacred.

From Greece to Babylonia, from Rome to Europe – which, since the Crusades massacred Jews during the Russian and Polish-Ukrainian pogroms with, at their head, the famous Cossack barbarians who murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews.

To reach the final moment of gratuitous hatred, the Nazis who exterminated 6 million innocents of Jews.

The Jewish people always knew how to rebound from these repeated massacres and incessant hatreds. The Biblical message teach us to believe in the future, to believe in human beings and the most important, in God, to question ourselves, to study and to educate our children in the search for knowledge, in the aim of reading and understanding the why of these laws.

If people knew that, at New Year’s Day, every year, Jews pray for every person in the whole world, so each of them receive the blessing of Heaven to stay healthy and to get prosperity and peace, they would not try to harm them anymore.

Human thinking has to overcome his excesses in all areas. This transcendence of spiritual over material must lead to a better sharing of wealth.