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Book of psalms

As indicate the name (Tehilim which means “praises”) the book of psalms is mainly compose of hymns of praises to God, creator of universe. It excites the magnitude and the majesty of the Lord, his goodness and his mercy, his power and his justice. It talks about benevolence Divine Providence which extends to every creature […]

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The greatness and power of Rabbi MEÏR

According to the Babylonian Talmud, the real name of Rabbi Meir was Rabbi NEHORAI. He was named Rabbi MEIR because he enlightened the eyes of his disciples with his teaching. However, it should be pointed out, that MEIR in Hebrew, as NEHORAI in Aramaic comes from the same root (light). The Talmud also teaches us […]

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613 Mitsvoth

Jewish people are governed by laws. One of the key words of the Bible that we also find in the Talmud is the world mitsva (plural: mitsvot, of the roots tsavah, order). A mitsva is a “command”, an “ordinance”. The oral tradition forwarded the number of 613 mitsvot, all included in the Pentateuque, subdivided in […]

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Words of consolations

The book « Les Paroles de consolation » is a book devoted in hope to live, passion to love, life, his fellow man and forgiveness. It’s read in honor of Jewish victims who crossed centuries, especially the Holocaust as innocent victims who died under the malefic assaults of Nazis. A tribute to my father, a good and […]

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9 AV Beyn Hametsarim

Our Wise men established we are in mourning every year from 17 Tamouz to 9 Av. We then commemorate the loss of Beth-Hamikdach. It’s on a 17 Tamouz that the Romans pulled down the outer wall of the city before the Temple was destroyed on 9 Av. During that period, the Jewish people went through […]

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