Literary portrait of the spiritual economist.

The best economist in the world was Joseph, Jacob’s son, who became Vice King of Egypt, which was the first world power at that time when Egypt dominated the world after the terrible draught which came after years of prosperity.

Joseph built a very simple system, in which Egypt’s wealth was divided into three parts.

  • A third in cash assets
  • A third in goods
  • A third in titles and land property titles

During the long years of production and wealth, 20 % of what was produced was put aside in case of a natural disaster and when the draught came, Egypt had enough food to feed its people and the whole world. It was rich enough to lend some of its stocks to the other countries and the global crisis of the time was dealt with in the best conditions because Josef had a sense of trade and management skills to make Egypt stronger and he had the will to help the other countries.

We must inspire ourselves of these essential values so that our savings are managed ethically and in a way which is respectful of others. We must turn around the proverb which says that the rich become richer and that the poor become poorer so that if the rich are rich, it must be the end of poverty and dispair for the poor if we want a better future in a better world. Societies in the world must show greater equity and must share both spiritual and earthy wealth.

It is necessary for mankind to turn to spirituality and to others to find what cannot be found in oneself.