The Torah and the Jewish Prophets refer to Gog and Magog as events following the two world wars, the resettlement of the Jews in their ancestral land and the meeting of the crescent and the cross against Jerusalem.

There will be a turbulent period, filled of wars, Muslim domination (Persia)and a great Arab nation (Iraq) will fall under the rule of the West. This event is predicted by a 19th Century Chief Rabbi, who had planned the Iraqi events 150 years before.

Attacks will be numerous, financial crises very strong and natural disasters will be incessant.

The writings of the Torah and the great Rabbis are quoted below.

After nearly 2000 years of exile among nations, Jews are both witnesses and actors of a Torah prophecy (Devarim, 30 verses 35)

“Then the Lord your God will return with your captives, He will have mercy on you and gather you again from among all the peoples among whom the Lord has scattered you. Would you be exiled at the end of heaven, from there the Lord your God would gather you, from there He would take you.

The Lord your God will bring you back to the land that your fathers have possessed and you will possess it in your turn. ”

Happy are you Israel: When they perform the will of D, no nation has power over them.

Who is Gog? A king of the north who will reunite the people to go up on Jerusalem.

If Israel has merit, then GUEOULA (deliverance) is “activated” and this period of Gog and Magog is avoided.

Rabbi Israel of Rishin explains that when time is past, sufferings and trials rush to hasten the time of birth.

Ishmaelites incitate other peoples to come against Jerusalem.

When the Messianic period arrives, Gog will lead Ishmael with all the people to Jerusalem.

According to MALBIM, the will of the people to ascend to Jerusalem will be expressed when Israel will prosper on her land.

Rabbi E. Wasserman said in the name of Hefets Chaim: Hazal says that the war of Gog will be carried out in three stages, the first war corresponds to the first world war, the second corresponds to the second world war, then the third war will be the one of Gog and Magog. Hefets Chaim died in 1930, and following the agitation in Europe, he told his students:


It will be a time of distress such as it has not been seen since the existence of the nations, until then, at that time, the deliverance will come for your people, for all those who are registered in the Book “DANIEL

Many non-Jews, who had converted, when they’ll see the war of Gog and Magog, will turn back and break out of the Alliance. “I’m going to train you … you and all your army … PERSE (Iran) ETHIOPIA and POUT (Libya) will be with them … many peoples will be your auxiliaries… you will invade a country freed from the sword … you will rise like the hurricane, you will come like the cloud to cover the earth, you and all your legions and many people with you “YEKHEZKEL. “On that day, the day that Gog will enter the soil of Israel, says the Lord D ‘, that my anger will rise to my head … On that day, there will be a violent commotion on the ground of Israel … I will launch torrential rains, hailstones, fire and sulfur on him, his legions and the many … people who accompany him … (after all, they will come to receive their salary of 2000 years of History)

I will manifest myself in the eyes of many nations and they will recognize that I am the Lord “. YEKHEZKEL.

In the Talmud Yoma treaty, we can read: Rabbi Yehuda ben R. Ilai says:

Romi will one day fall into the hands of the Persians (Iran).

Rav Yehudah says in the name of Rav: The son of DAVID (MACHIAH) will not come until the criminal empire of Romi spread over the whole world for 9 months …. during the time it takes for a woman to give birth to her child (birth pains of the arrival of MACHIAH).

Closer to home, the Great Saint, the Ari Zal, a great Cabalist of the 16th century, said, at the end of time, Islam will rule the world.

The Prophecy of DANIEL

On this day, I will make JERUSALEM a heavy stone to lift for all nations, all those who wish to lift it will cruelly crush.Yet all the peoples of the earth will gather against her … In that day, I will make the rulers of Judah like a burning fire.

but Jerusalem will continue to be firmly seated in Jerusalem, and in that day the Lord will extend his protection to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem … On this day, I will try to destroy all the nations that have come against JERUSALEM.

And whoever will have SURVECO among all the people who will come against Jerusalem will have to go there each year to prostrate themselves before the King, the ETERNAL TSEVAOT and to celebrate the feast of SOUKOT.

Revelation 20: 8

And he will go out to deceive the nations that are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for war, their number is like the sand of the sea.

Explaining Jesus, returned to earth and Jerusalem, after terrible wars and fire destroying everything in its path, millions of deaths and famine.

The New Testament largely echoes Ezekiel’s prophecies of the Old Testament and King David’s prophecies on psaume 118, describing the war of Gog and Magog, it is evident that the three religions have in common the belonging to Jerusalem and the desire of everyone to own this city for different reasons, but the purpose is the same.

This book takes up the history of the three Monotheist religions whose Father is Abraham.

The Jewish religion is not a hegemonic nature, the other two religions, Christiannism and Islam are Hegemonic religions, from immemorial time, in the name of Jesus, how many people massacred to make love Jesus and his Mother Mary by force. Many people were massacred, conquered and converted by force in the name of Muhammad.

Now, the world is divided into two spiritual blocs and they clash, Islam has decided by groups and countries very important to impose their religion on a West in a loss of reference and spirituality.

Terrorist groups will sow terror to take the West weakened by a weak democracy

Israel who reborn in 1948 and who has resisted for 70 years all the most cruel plans of the Arab world, who wants its destruction, winning all these wars, what will happen, now in this world in full chaos?