America, I write your name in golden letters

America, I shout your name from my stentorian voice

America, I cherish your ideals of freedom

America, I’m flying on your heavenly eternity


While disembarking from the Mayflower boat

They discovered a free world

Encouraging a new life

Supported by a better autonomy


Traveling along the coast of eastern America

Their eyes were dazzled by the magical landscapes

Nature in all its magnificence laid out before them

In the end of this authentic Indian summer


This exciting new adventure was starting

This great country, which inspired all major reforms

Has always been able to highlight the great ideals

Democracy sources of all streams.


These great Patriots devote their entire existence

To offer their children a bright future

Where roads are bright

And where houses are lit.


Your great ideals

Of freedom and dreams

Materialized by your symbolic flag

Offers hope for everyone


America is breathtakingly beautiful

From New York to San Jose

By taking these mythical roads

Which cross these Biblical landscapes


America has always been associated with its generosity

That overflows the world

Thanks to audacious men and women

Who could make the world a better place


May America always be successful

May America always be righteous

May America be sanctified in the heavens

May the American people be blessed by God.