Our earth suffers, it suffers from our unconsciousness to take, to destroy what God gave us in abundance but this wealth which seemed inexhaustible becomes rare by means of producing without a real management. Abuses are accumulated and the pollution reaches vertices never reached, more cars, nuclear production, coal, agreements are signed without being respected.

Immediate profit is highlighted, refusals to change our habits are striking, our politics ignore everything of their blind politics and are deaf to cries of distress from the Earth and the sky.

Paris’ plan includes a reduction of 20% of the pollution before 2050, while it would be enough to be inspired by the Old Testament and by the Torah by standing out a real rest day for us and for the Earth. Just like Sabbath, recommended by the Torah, where the material life stopped, Spiritual is imperative during 24 hours, no more phone, electricity at least, no more car, travels reduced at least, no more computer, no more touchpad, no more Iphone, no more Samsung 8 or 9 and no more TV.

There is approximately 53 Shabbat per year and 15 days of holidays, it makes approximately 70 days a year, or 20% of the total year. By respecting this weekly rest day it’s going to reduce immediately 20% of the pollution on earth, into the sea and in the sky. We are going to be able to inhale better, better learn has to live, has to live in family, much less stress, less sickness. More than 50% of fatal diseases are due to stress, less divorce, children more balances, the world will change in the right direction.

This globalization so slandered can become a main advantage so that at the same time, the world wakes up, each in its own way to pry, take care of his family, of his parents, his close friends and his community.

The other big current subject is the management of new technologies; the knowledge is opened by internet and its tools of transmission.

Iphone, Ipad, computers, Facebook, Google and others pull an enormous dependence with children and adults.

TV were already invited in family but the debate was opened or each could comment the broadcast and family lived around this new parent but with Iphone and others, meals becomes remote corner for everyone , nobody communicates anymore, no more family meals, it became a drug.

People get married by internet and divorce by Whatsapp.

It is necessary to learn again how to live with these new technologies, it is necessary to dry out of internet and learn how to live with these new products.

Shabbat can help in this direction, these products so intrusive become during 24 hours outcast of our field of life. It is enough to study, to learn, to read books, learn again how to read with paper, this real life of sharing and enjoyment to sing, to eat together, to breath, to play together, to give time to our woman and to our child, learn again to walk and forget this running which leads nowhere. Eat natural and homemade products, to restore a sense to life, to respect those who surround us.

This is a challenge against the immediacy to offer hands to future. To a fairer future and to energies more in sync with the present life, there is natural solutions, don’t be afraid by tomorrow, tomorrow if we want to together will be a better day for everyone.