As indicate the name (Tehilim which means “praises”) the book of psalms is mainly compose of hymns of praises to God, creator of universe. It excites the magnitude and the majesty of the Lord, his goodness and his mercy, his power and his justice. It talks about benevolence Divine Providence which extends to every creature and especially to every human being. The magnitude of god is attest by the beauty and the immensity of universe that he creates. ” The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament manifest showeth his handiwork ” Behold the whole Nature fills the man with wonder and admiration for the Creator – ” ” How many are the things you have made ! You have made them all with wisdom ” (104 :24).

Nothing can be compare to Tehilim when it’s a question of exhaling his heart, of awakening devotion that move the soul, to explain his gratitude or to request comfort.
Our wise man told that psalms have the approval of God to such an extent that their simple recitation with deep worship (even if a part of the words are not understood). He is pleasant and can often cause a miraculous help when all the other efforts failed.

Whatever the occasion there is always a psalm empty of beauty and inspiration that fits. Psalms reflect varied incidents that an individual or a nation may encounter.
Indeed in David’s history in his banishment, the persecution that he have been through, his battles and his triumph Jewish people and each Jew found a reflect and a prophecy to their own life.
It’s natural that the Book of psalms has been, through the centuries an unlimited source of inspiration, bravery and hope.
By his beauty and its faith in God he becomes a book read by all religions.