We assist to a deep change of mentalities in Africa were the Francafrica has tendency to make way to intelligent Africans, educated and decided to work for their country and their continent. They are aware of the important resources of their countries.

Politics definitively integrated the power of new medias and social medias. They also integrated that transparency is essential to manage their countries.

Combination of these new factors will give to Africa the opportunity to become a world leader which has been waiting for so many years. Already several Africans countries know consequent economic advances like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Kenya and Morocco.

These countries have the capacity to become locomotives for the entire African continent. They have stable political systems, big economic leaders and a well-read and qualified population. The major international groups are going to join these future businessmen so that the African economies can take in hand their future and stopped to depend on international assistances.

It’s not right that the African continent owns the biggest mine and energy fertility of the world and that 90% of the African population is the poorest of the world.

It’s not right that Africa is the least polluting continent of the world and underwent the largest rates of pollution in the world and receives all the waste from Europe.

It’s not right that Africa is the first continent producer of coffee, cocoa, cotton, cashew nut and other and that any production factory of finished goods isn’t located in Africa.

It’s not right that West Africa dependent on the CFA Franc and France. There is in Africa brilliants economists capable of managing their economy with the help of Europe, USA and China with a constructive help and share and cease to help this pseudo dictator president who think more to their Swiss bank accoPrévisualiser les modifications (s’ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre)unt that in the future of their country.

Europe has everything to win with the African success, a calmed and peaceful Africa by ceasing to sell weapons because African kills each other. It’s wrong to think that Africa is composed by tribal people which made constantly war.

Before Europeans arrived, Africa was living in peace and in harmony with nature. Vast Empires were in Africa like Egypt and Ethiopia with ancient cultures.

Europe has to invest massively in Africa in terms of education and economy by creating engineering schools, medical, political science, business, international languages, hospital, health services, power plants, roads, airports and leave Africans manage their countries.

It’s written in the Old Testament that the world have been created for 6000 years so this world could welcome the Messiah and during this 6000 years each continent had their hour of glory and light and that the world turns to ensure that this light goes on places of the world who deserved to shine.

Asia and Middle East have their hour with Persia, Greece and Roma with Europe which reign last longer because several empires like Russia and the Ottoman Empire then with America and since 50 years the world turns to highlight Japan, China and South East Asia.

Africa is missing. This moment happened it is necessary that Africans believed in their intelligence, in their capacity to succeed and to be the world leader, to create some multinational and to become democratic nations with their own specificity. It is necessary that Europe stop to impose their democratic and thinking methods. There is no unique thought. Occident should accept that Africans have a different way to apprehend the economic and social problems. The world will be better when all dominant peoples will accept that every nation has a wealth and that’s this multicultural wealth who will allow the world to live in peace.