Jewish people are governed by laws.

One of the key words of the Bible that we also find in the Talmud is the world mitsva (plural: mitsvot, of the roots tsavah, order). A mitsva is a “command”, an “ordinance”. The oral tradition forwarded the number of 613 mitsvot, all included in the Pentateuque, subdivided in 248 positive mitsvot and in 365 negative mitsvot. Injunctions are attested by the Pentateuque as having orraly been transmitted by God to Moses to communicate to Israël’s children. These commandments should be observed as the terms of the Alliance between God and his people.

An amora of the III century, R.Simlaï applied that on their total of 613, the 365 negative actions correspond to the number of days in a school year, and the 248 correspond to the number of members in the human body.

Finally according to various sources, Maimonide (1135-1204), in his introduction to Sefer Hamitzvot, wrote: “Jewish have received 613 commandments, according to the Talmud, which one incluse 248 Mitzvot Assè (positive prescriptions) and 365 mitzvot lo taasè (negative prescriptions). The number of positive prescription corresponds to the 248 limbs in the human body; the number of negative mitzvoth is the one of days in school year.”