Menahem David SMADJA

Écrivain et Économiste

Through my 35 years of experience in the economics field affecting the religious world, I have been able to observe the behavior of people on a daily basis, about their spiritual and material response to everyday life problems. This socioeconomic and microeconomic base allowed me to develop macroeconomic solutions on the management of human challenges for the twenty-first century.

The upheavals of the last 70 years, both at industrial and technological level, have set up human beings to change their behavior towards themselves and others.

This frantic race to go faster and faster makes us forget essential things, such as loving ourselves, others and also our “Mother Earth”. The result is a global disaster, whose ecological impact is more and more obvious.

At the gift of the Torah at Mount Sinai more than 3,500 years ago, laws were also given, that are the basis of life and respect for each other, by protecting and blessing the earth, the universe and animal creatures.

This natural coherence has given way to an extraordinary incoherence.

A spiritual emptiness settled and at the same moment, a bubble of selfishness and blindness.

These books are a testimony about the need we have to know where we come from and about how to live the present and to anticipate societal problems.